Friday, March 24, 2006

Testing God

I will be testing the Lord's hedge of protection tomorrow. I'm hittin the slopes with a group of friends. One of the guys is renting those little trickster skis and the rest of us should be boarding. Is there an age or maturity level at which you shouldn't snowboard anymore? I think it's going to come down to a physical thing I think. Have you ever just bit it flying down the mountain on a board? Guys, it hurts. Not just because you're losing skin from the sharp snow, but because your feet are locked in to this board that is flying out of control. It's really brutal on the knees and ankles. But, I barely ever really wipe out these days. This is due in large part to the avoidance of risk. Just cruisin down the slopes is what I love best. Worship went awesome last night. Jacinda and I sang a new song by Charlie Hall called, "You". If you don't have this album already, go check it out. I got a link on the right. It's called, "flying into daybreak".


Tim said...

Dude, Worship was off the hizzie. "You" is an amazing song that I sing by myself in the car all the time. Hopefully I wasn't to loud, but when you started strummin, gladness just came over me.

Hopefully I will be boarding with you tomorrow. Well when I mean with you, I mean on the same mountain because you are light years ahead of my skillz. I can't wait, I haven't gone this season at all and I am anxious to get back on the slopes.

Stephanie said...

just thought that i would let you know that i stoped by

Tim said...

you made the right choice to stay home, weather was miserable. Slush fallin from the sky at a 90 degree angle.