Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flickr! update

that straw is not is crazy! so jacinda and i just heard this horror story about myspace and flickr. some good friends of ours had the flickr account and the whole myspace thing. his younger sister had a myspace. some dude that she apparently turned down in high school created this porn site with pictures of her from all of the above mentioned sites infused with real porn pictures that he must have found on the net. fact: she is not a porn star. fact: she didn't have any provocative pictures on the net. this guy infused her normal pics with porn to make it look as if all the pictures were her. pretty crazy hugh! so, needless to say, i will still put pictures on my posts, but as far as my flickr photo albums, they will be limited to private members (friends and family). if you need a password to my accounts, email me and i will send you an invite. thanks for understanding and i hope this protects us a little! also, i dumped myspace along time ago, and i know that it is fun, but there is a lot of crap out there on myspace and a lot of crap happening because of myspace.

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Carlos said...

Actually. Some guy already did that to me!!! He stuck my head between two marble breasts!!!