Monday, March 13, 2006

Crazy Weekend

Alright, well Friday night started with a bang. Pretty much my whole family on my mom's side is born in March, so we always have one huge birthday party. This year we hit George's Armenian Restaurant. It was really good and we had at least 30 people there. Plus, our waitress looked like the armenian version of Jamie Lee-Prestley. My brother took a picture, it's crazy! Saturday involved us going to 2 little kid parties. Number 1 was at Macker's (australian for McDonald's) and I sat on a 10" stool, got sweaty taking Kiara through the tubes, and ate soft-serve ice cream with mini m&m's. Number 2 was a family deal where my 2nd cousin turned 1 and got to go at it with a cake by himself. Always a good time. Later that day, we headed over to another local church to hear John Bevere speak. If you check out my column down on the right titled, "books that will change your life", his is, "The Fear of the Lord." He is also a great speaker and we have many of his videos. But, almost as amazing as his message was the transformation of him and his wife. I tried to find a really old picture from when he had the mustache, but this is close enough. Old, corporate John: This John always wore suits, the fade was high and tight, and this picture was post-mustache. New and Improved John: What a difference! He was all modern with jeans and un-tucked shirt! I couldn't believe my eyes. After that was over (by the way, we dropped kiara off at grandma's earlier in the evening) which was by this time 9:30, we headed over to Club Fred. Talk about extremes. We went from church to bar! Jacinda's uncle who is more like our cousin because he is only a couple years older than us, who is from San Francisco, was playing at the club. His band was called, "new confusion" and it was pretty cool. I really dug the stuff that Phil sung on. A bunch of family was there. It was pretty funny because Jacinda and I dropped her dad and annette off at their friends house around midnight. It just seemed backwards somehow. Got to go now, I'll finish the rest of the weekend later.

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