Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This site has moved

My blog is officially moving. Please change all of your links to my new address: I'va already started posting over there, so go check it out. It is a work in progress, but make sure to update your bookmarks or links on your blog. Thanks. I appreciate all the love and hopefully this move to typepad will make it easier for us to stay in touch.

I'm about to ditch Blogger!

just wrote this whole post, all these hyperlinks, go to upload, no go. blogger, i spit in your face!

New Friends

One of the best things about the PDWC was the fellowship. This was pretty much the crew that I hung with the entire time. All these guys go to Sandals Church, my home away from home. I have more good friends there than I do at my church here in Fresno. Two of my best friends Los & Bogie are there along with their wives, Heather and Becca. I got to hang with Becca a lot this week and get to know her better which was really cool. The other 2 guys are Ryan and Brady who are both involved in the worship ministry at Sandals. Ryan's got a voice to be jealous of, and Brady I just met this week, but really dug him and JRocka's screwed up personalities! Sarah D is a long time Sandalite and I also met Melissa for the first time (I stole the pic from her blog). Los convinced her to start a blog, so check it out HERE. No pressure Melissa. The whole group did pretty much everything together and no awkward moments, no tiffs, no fights, just lots of laughs, a lot of spilt water at BJ's, Superman Returns, sweat, and praisin' our God. I love the way that Christ builds His family. Thanks guys for a great week. "I can feel the presence of the Lord I'm gonna get my blessing right now!"