Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Friends

One of the best things about the PDWC was the fellowship. This was pretty much the crew that I hung with the entire time. All these guys go to Sandals Church, my home away from home. I have more good friends there than I do at my church here in Fresno. Two of my best friends Los & Bogie are there along with their wives, Heather and Becca. I got to hang with Becca a lot this week and get to know her better which was really cool. The other 2 guys are Ryan and Brady who are both involved in the worship ministry at Sandals. Ryan's got a voice to be jealous of, and Brady I just met this week, but really dug him and JRocka's screwed up personalities! Sarah D is a long time Sandalite and I also met Melissa for the first time (I stole the pic from her blog). Los convinced her to start a blog, so check it out HERE. No pressure Melissa. The whole group did pretty much everything together and no awkward moments, no tiffs, no fights, just lots of laughs, a lot of spilt water at BJ's, Superman Returns, sweat, and praisin' our God. I love the way that Christ builds His family. Thanks guys for a great week. "I can feel the presence of the Lord I'm gonna get my blessing right now!"

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teejaysole said...

wish I could have been their bro! Maybe next time