Monday, March 27, 2006

Cool Pic

here is something to brighten up your monday morning. my brother sent me this pic. it looks like it might be a t-shirt. i think i might have seen it before. crazy, but good weekend. tgi friday's (lots of flare) and cold-stone creamery with jacinda's sister and boyfriend pete. it was a lot of fun. we actually had planned on going bowling, you know, something that you can do to pass the time and still feel like you're hanging out with someone, but when we got there it was an hour wait. for bowling! so, we decided we were actually enjoying each other's company so we hit cold stone and ate our ice cream outside with live music playing at the mexican restaurant a couple doors down. saturday, no snowboarding. stayed home and glad i did. it dumped slush at a very speedy rate. heard it wasn't too good, so maybe next time. saturday night was emma's 26th birthday. we gave her a little birthday greeting from her native land, romania. yesht o persoana day notah zeh-chey. la mults ahn! don't ask, i don't remember. sunday, I was sick with stomach issues, kissed the porcelain throne a couple times, missed church, went to a baby shower, ate alfredo, big mistake, spent the rest of the day on the couch. oh, work update. nothing yet. all the important players are back in town, so hopefully we'll see something good happen this week. by the grace of god!

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Tim said...

It's a t-shirt at . I'll be praying for some good news at work.