Monday, March 06, 2006

It's official

Yep, I finally went to the Dr.'s office today. I have bronchitis. What a drag. I am still working today, but afraid to call anyone just to have them hear me hacking on the other side of phone while trying to talk. My voice is very weak, so I'm on 3 different medications. 1 for my sinus infection, 1 for my bronchitis, and 1 for my cough at night. I hate it when you get the pill bottle from your local pharmacist and it says, "warning: may cause dizziness". It forces you to make that decision, "do i want to stop coughing or fall over while walking?" They can do so much with modern why all the side effects. AND, they are always random. It's like you're taking some aspirin and the warning says, "may cause your left foot to itch." so, i'm on the meds and hopefully will be back to normal in a couple days. I did lose a couple pounds because of my lack of appetite. Now if I could just get the flu... Oh, and thanks for all the comments on the Michael Vick thing. No, I don't know who he is. I saw the guy up close and I still haven't googled him to see who he is. I'll take ya'lls word for it. and Heather, I do know who Michael Jordan is...he used to play basebal for the white sox!

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terrible speller said...

hope you feel better soon.