Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Clustr Maps

Here is a tool that I just started using on my blog. It is called ClustrMaps as you can see from the photo. It is down on the bottom of my side column. If you click on the map or HERE you can see my personalized map. I just started it last week, so there aren't too many hits on there yet. I have had 113 hits since March 10th. If you can see, I have a small hit on the top of South America. How cool is that! I also use Site Meter. These are both free tools. They have versions that you can pay for that do a lot more for you, but I'm using Blogger for a reason right? Does anyone know of any other tools that are similar and free?

1 comment:

Magnanimity said...

Stat Counter. Like site meter...but you can see referral words people used to get to you, and see how they moved within the site a bit more. I don't use it as much, but if I get a confusing hit, I can usually figure out where it came from between the two.