Tuesday, January 03, 2006

40 days to make a habit

or is it 90? Anyways, I am referencing my ability to blog everyday. It has been hard over Christmas and New Years to sit down and do this. I will be doing some more soon. I want to get in the habit of a lot of things this year. What do you guys think of New Year's resolutions? It seems that they are hard to keep and cliche, but the beginning of a new year just feels like a new beginning. Here are the things that I really want to get in the habit of doing this year. 1. Spend more time with God 2. spend more time with my wife 3. spend more time with my daughter 4. spend more time exercising 5. spend more time enjoying life (somehow i know that the previous 4 will take care of this one.) So what does your list look like?

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