Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kiara's going to be a big sister!

Yes, it's true. We are going to be parents again! The Wednesday before Christmas Jacinda had Kiara and I both open presents. We were going to walk a neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights, so I figured it was gloves or a beanie. It was 2 little boy onesies with a soccer ball and a football on it. We had been trying to get pregnant, so I wasn't too sure. I looked at her and as Kiara opened her shirt that said "Big Sister" in Rhinestones that Jacinda had made, it clicked. I'm going to be a dad again! By the way, we don't know that it's a boy, but the prayer chain has already been started. So, we are 7-9 weeks pregnant now, and our due date is August 25th as of right now. We will find out the sex later, so I'll keep you posted. Right now, Jacinda is just really exhausted all the time, but no morning-sickness. I am so excited but it is so different. We already know how the pregnancy thing goes, so I'm not as excited about that. I just want that little baby to be here already. If you guys have any name suggestions feel free to post. Boys or Girls. I was thinking Brian Jr. if it is a boy and Brianna if it is a girl. Is that egocentric? Yeah right. I have a video that we used to announce the news to our family. I will try to figure out how to put it on here.


terrible speller said...

HugE congrats

Timothy Yeager said...

Congrats again. My vote for a boy name is .... Enoch