Friday, January 27, 2006

Knocking Down the Pedestal

I am giving up on this book. I am about half-way through and I don't give a rip anymore. I really like U2. I love their of my top 10 for sure. But, to read this much into their lives, I just don't care anymore. Are they Christians, aren't they? It's always the same old thing. I feel like the author has about two chapters of info that is actually interesting and he's stretching it over 300 pages. Sorry buddy. I know a lot of people care, but not me. Well, at least you already got my money. I have finally realized that God is the only one worth reading about. And the only One interesting enough to keep my attention. I can read book after book focused purely on one aspect of who God is and I eat it up. Why isn't my passion always there for Him? For some reason, I have been really into the whole U2 scene lately. All the interviews, discussions, podcasts,'s been everywhere. So, anyway, I am kicking down that pedestal that I put Bono on. I pray that he meets with God. I pray that he makes a difference. But, I'm done respecting a person more than they deserve. I've already lost the taste for the whole celebrity worship thing. I will always think it is interesting to see how they live, but as people, they are just like you and me with more money. In fact, a lot of them tend to show how normal they are when they open their mouth without a script. Bottom line: we are all screwed up in some way. No one is perfect, me, Bono, Kanye, the pope, my pastor. no one. So only one book for me right now. But, I'm kinda being called back to the "ragamuffin gospel" by brennan manning for a second time. hmm.

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