Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Our Leaders...Our Friends

Last night we had dinner with Blake and Lisa James. Jacinda and I have known Blake and Lisa for years and a couple of months ago, they moved back to Fresno after being in LA for 5 years. Blake took the position of College Pastor at our church and I don't think they saw him coming. I tried to warn them, "this guy's got the energy of ten people...on crack", but did they listen? No. And it has been awesome. I truly believe that it is what our church needs. It is so great to do ministry with someone who has the passion and knowledge that Blake brings to the table. Our group has been rocked these past months and I can't wait to see it just get hammered some more. Did you know that a pine-cone must go into the ground and die, and then it starts to grow a huge tree?Right now, our group is in the process of dying! Leadership and all. I can't wait to see what God has in store. I'll keep you updated. I was talking to Blake about blogging, so hopefully we'll see a link for him pretty soon! Just trying to win some to the kingdom of blog.


Timothy Yeager said...
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Timothy Yeager said...

What a great couple. They do have been instrumental in the death of me.