Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Upcoming Weekend

I am ready! this weekend is me and jacinda's 5 year anniversary and we are taking off friday morning for a long weekend in santa monica. i have been working like a dog and she has been doing so much around the house that we are in great need of a little vacation. we are going to chill, drive, enjoy the weather, the beach, the food. we're going to try some different things this time, drive down to laguna beach and see if we can spot kristen , lc, and talan. just kidding! if any of you know who i am talking about you are just as teenie bopper as we are! So, 2 more days of work. then it's off to the beach.

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Paul Carlson said...

hey brian!... i was reading on CMS, and saw the name hale-yeah, so i think to myself, "hmm... could that be my fellow tithe-er, brian?" so i decided to see if i was correct, and was pleasantly surprised to find my assumption to be true.

hey man, how's everything going? life is good for me. congrats on 5 years coming up! (we're approaching 3 yrs. in august) It's hard to believe time goes so fast.

well, give me a call or something - it would be great to get together and hang out w/ you and Jacinda. Maybe we can have you guys, & Nick & Heidi over or something. my number is still the same.

peace out,