Saturday, May 20, 2006

guys night out

last night me and a bunch of guys from the college group i work with went to yosemite fitness. they have a big indoor rock climbing wall and a freestyle boulder. blake was all into it and even had his own belt. a couple of the guys were really good at it. it's all about weight to strength ratio. the tall, skinny guys could fly up the wall. on my first attempt up, i got where if i fell from the height i was at, it would probably hurt. i wanted to test the ropes ability to save my life. now, it wasn't a rope that someone was spotting me on, it's this rope attached to the ceiling with this measuring tape kind of kick back. so, as you go up, it retracts and when you fall down, it slows you down. see, the problem is that before i went there were a bunch of little 50 pound kids doing this. would you think that the same little rope thing that held them would work for me? i didn't so, i jumped. it didn't go nice and slow and i landed on my back! i tried the wall one more official time, but when i got to that certain height, i got nervous again. it was fun watching some of the other guys though. the guys who worked there were really good and so we all just watched them do their little tricks.

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Whittaker Woman said...

I thought you posted a picture of you? Is that not you? H