Friday, May 12, 2006

who can break this streak?

yesterday we had our annual Morgan Stanley office golf tournament. we play it as a scramble, or best ball game. it was really fun, but every year, they have it on a thursday and that is when we have college group. i was thinking of ditching the church service, but as i said in my previous post, we had a new bass player and drummer, so i couldn't let them down. last year, same thing happenned. i had to leave after 13 holes, but my team went on to win. supposedly some of the guys went out for drinks after and one of my teammates admitted to some guys that once i left, they started cheating, so needless to say, i've been razzed about this whole thing for a year now. my team yesterday...won! oh yeah, all 4 of us played pretty darn good. i got to play for 9 holes and made the break home. out of those 9, they used 4 of my drives, i sunk one killer putt, and i ate a sandwich. i know the sandwich thing isn't very cool, but i didn't do anything else better. we finished 14 under and killed the competition (i think the closest was 9 under). so, i paid $50 to play, but won $40 of it back. nice.

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