Thursday, May 04, 2006

Church, the way it should be

I was reading mark driscoll's blog who is the pastor of mars hill church up in seattle. he calls it resurgence. anyway, he referenced a king of the hill episode where the family goes "shopping" for a new church. it's pretty funny because the whole episode the husband is trying to avoid going to the mega church where they have a coffee store and high def tv's. it's pretty funny. you can watch the highlights here. I don't normally watch king of the hill. i didn't find it all that funny, but this is a good premise. enjoy.


James said...

Brian, I sent you an email a couple days ago in response to your Honda questions. Did you get it? Could I call you sometime soon?

anne jackson said...

Yeah....I'm from garland....and so are the writers....and I work at a church.....and the pastor's name is stroope.....that clip weirds me out....but it's soo funny.