Tuesday, May 16, 2006

another night out

jacinda and i went out last night on our weekly monday night date. we caught an early movie, "just my luck". let me preface this by saying, jacinda and i are complete teeny-boppers. we love stupid, cheesy movies like this one, we love justin timberlake, we love really shallow shows like, "america's next top model" and "laguna beach". i don't know why, but we are just entertained by these things. so, just my luck, wasn't half bad. i really didn't expect much after lindsay lohan's "herbie" movie, which was terrible. she still seems kind of young to pull off the whole, working adult, thing, but the movie was entertaining. afterwards, jacinda and i took 15 minutes to decide where to go to dinner and ended up at logan's steakhouse. this is relatively new to fresno, maybe a couple years, but jacinda had never been there. the coolest part about the place is that they give you a bowl of peanuts, you crack them, and throw the shells on the floor. so, by the end of the night it starts looking like barnum and bailey's circus tent. when we got home, kiara was still awake, and she said in her really cute little voice, "come lay by me daddy". can't say no. so, i laid down next to her in bed until she relaxed. it was one of those special dad/daughter moments where you're just looking into each other's eyes and talking. i asked her, "do you want to go to the beach this weekend?" she got excited and said, "we go to the park daddy?" yes, kiara. "push me on the swing daddy?" yes, baby. now close your eyes. oh, man, she is so cute. thank you Lord for the blessing of a daughter.

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