Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Was it ever really impossible?

last night jacinda and i went and saw mission impossible 3. it was pretty intense throughout the entire movie. i gotta say, i love movies and i love going to the movies. i am a huge movie buff, but i just like to be entertained. i'm not all into the angles and the directors and the producing and all the background. i don't even care if the british character has an irish accent. it doesn't bother me. so, mi3...very entertaining. but is there ever a point where you think the main character is going to die? i don't think so. the only show that i've ever seen blow away a "good guy" main character ("bad guys" get blown away all the time) is 24. there are just no limits to that show except for jack bauer and if they do it right, that's how they'll end the season, killing jack bauer...for good. that would be shocking. so in closing, i just love to escape and be made to laugh, cry (that's right, i cry at movies, even some commercials), get angry, anxious, or even made to think maybe i have special powers (there is no spoon). that's why i go to the movies. can't wait until summer. hopefully there will be some great flicks.

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Eric said...

please tell me that i didn't just read you suggesting that Jack Bauer be killed at the end of this season. maybe you were having a lapse in judgement when you wrote that. maybe you meant a different character on 24 other than JB. or maybe you're just crazy. :)