Monday, May 01, 2006

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was great. It started off kind of hectic. I led worship for this "city-wide" meeting at our church. It actually turned out to be more like 15 minutes of filler music for a crowd of maybe 60. The guy who spoke's main objective is to teach people how to witness on the golf course. It's always good to tell others about Jesus, but this was so niche market, the target audience was only like 3 guys. needless to say, i left right after i played. i apologize if anyone from the conference reads this and is offended, because there were people there who worshipped, but the majority could've cared less that someone was trying to lead them into worship. but i lead worship, so maybe it is just me that cares. led again saturday morning and again left right after worship, but this time to head to the coast and cayucos. our "sunday school" class, which we call the "yound married class" took a much needed vacation to the beach. there were 6 couples that went and the mix was perfect. everyone got along and had a great time. good food, too much food, wiffle ball with the guys...josh frese won, clam chowder, mclintock's bone in rib-eye steak, hanging with my girl, our good friends mignon and steve, and just chillin'. when can we go again?

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