Thursday, May 11, 2006

the day has finally come!

no, i'm not going to see weezer again, but i thought it was a cool picture of a band, why? because tonight at college group, we will have a full band. acoustic, electric, bass, drums, and 2 vocals. kickin'! it has been quite sometime since we have led worship with a full band...probably around last september. we consider worship to be one of the cornestones of our college ministry. the group has been amazing and patient while just jacinda and i sang and nick and i played our acoustics. despite the lack of sound, our group's worship has kicked it up a notch. you wouldn't think it with just two acoustic guitars, but these guys get excited to worship because it's not about me or the's about the God they worship. even though the music fades, i'm really amped about tonight and trying out a new drummer. we've played with the bass player many times, so i know he's going to hold it down. it's just been a battle at finding a drummer who is good and who is devoted to our church and to our cause.

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