Saturday, December 17, 2005

we are teeny-boppers

Yes, Jacinda and I went and saw Kelly Clarkson last Tuesday. I haven't blogged in the last couple days because life has been crazy with christmas musicals, college group, concerts, and wisdom teeth. Clarkson was pretty good, she has a great voice and puts on a decent show. The weirdest thing is that she doesn't "own" her music. She obviously doesn't write even half of it, not unlike most pop stars today. But, they fake it, and she talks about her songs like, "i didn't really like this one at first, but now it's my favorite". It was kind of depressing considering i paid over $120 for the floor seats. Well, lesson learned. That's why I always love seeing bands live and if they are good live, then i am a fan for life. We'll still listen to Clarkson's CDs. She has the talent and hopefully in the future, as she gets more popular, the record company will give her a better set and help her with her concert etiquette. we also saw lots of friends there, but julia and jessica were pretty pumped about their new kelly t-shirts! now those are true fans.


Shea Lieder said...

B & J!!! I am sooo jealous that you guys saw Kelly Clarkson. I had no idea you were great fans!!! Happy New Year!

Love, Shea

terrible speller said...

B- I am a friend of Carlos and Heather from Atlanta. My man was in their wedding and I hung out with Jacinda and Heather the few days before their wedding. Anyway. I have a link to los's site and I saw yours and realized you are Jacinda's hubby. Please tell her me, Angela, says hello. I loved looking at the pictures of your kids. I think Jacinda is looking so beautiful just like I remembered her. I will always remember what a fun time I had out there in LA hanging out with a great bunch of girls. Thanks. Sorry this is so long. -