Thursday, December 08, 2005

decisions, decisions

hello all. to the right there are 3 different photo viewing links. I need your help in determining which one to use. the kodak and flickr systems let you order prints online. flickr will even let you pick up the prints at any Target in an hour! They also let you order in the digital format which is slightly different. instead of 4X5 it is 4x5.333. Supposedly it is clearer that way. Flickr seems to be cheaper too! wow, i think i made my decision! But let me know what you think. 1. .mac 2. kodak (5x7=$.99, 8x10=$3.99) 3. flickr (5x7=$.59, 8x10=$1.99) please leave a comment to help me.


Anonymous said...

i like the flickr one!

Timothy Yeager said...

Flickr is the way of the future. No comparison to others. Its the Web 2.
0 option.

Magnanimity said...

I've not used flickr yet, but considered Shutterfly to be the best in color per picture. They seem to capture the different lighting of different photos well instead of a standard development. Snapfish did not win my heart. Kodak also disappointed me in color. I developed several to all three at one time with a few pics the same to compare. If you order, some companies do not pad the packs well and the larger pics are bent...a bent 8X10...real thriller there. Also, just use several to take advantage of coupons available...they all offer "sales". You can type in say "snapfish coupons" into google and get some deals if they aren't sending enough to you email box to be helpful.

Hope that is useful. Just went digi this year and love it. Oh, and read flickr's copyright stuff. Seems like maybe they claim some ownership to them once you upload or something unusual. You can type in "online photo comparison" and get some good info to guide.

Have fun!