Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lights, camera, action...well, minus the camera.

tomorrow night is the christmas production's opening night. I have only been to it once in the past and this year jacinda and i are singing a duet. we went to practice right after leading worship in the college group to find ourselves in the midst of more than 600 other people who are a part of this giant. i can't believe so many people have given up so much time, for no pay, away from their families, just to spread God's name through art. It is a really great time for jacinda and i at the church. we are so close to pastor doug holck and i really feel that he trusts us in what we are doing. we ran through the song once, he said it was perfect and we went home. the big news is that we are leading worship this weekend for pc3, our churches third service. joining us will be the same band that i had at the men's retreat being led by my musical genius nick betner. i would be lost without that guy.


NICK said...

Thanks for the props! I'll see ya Sunday.

Timothy Yeager said...

I can't wait to hear Nick on the electric. Its been a long time since I have heard his skillz. Is it okay to chear at church?

Timothy Yeager said...

So How did the first night go??