Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Judgement Day for Tookie

"I got my blue flag hanging out my back side, on the left side, yeah, that's the crip side". -Snoop Dogg What a freaking idiot! Stupid words from a stupid supporter of Tookie. How can people be so obsessed with this guy? This is my blog, so I'm going to give you my opinion. Feel free to comment. Tookie, co-founder of the crips, was executed today. After many appeals and attempts for freedom, the Arnold, did not grant clemency. Way to go Gov.! This guy killed 4 people and started a gang that probably killed more and corrupted more than the Mafia could've ever dreamed of. So, I'm all for locking the guy up! He claims...uh...claimed redemption but, never owned up to anything he did. He was trying to stay "innocent" for the courts while pleading redemption for the public. He lost on both fronts. I still think every man deserves a chance to be redeemed by God for as long as it takes, so I don't think I would sentence someone to death, but I will accept our state's laws. The real Judgement is now. Standing before the throne of judgement. This is where we can make no conclusions for sure. It is in a man's heart that God looks. Central to our faith is that we are sinners. We were in the muck and myre and God redeemed us. I would say that I am much more willing to admit my faults now that I am a follower. I understand that I am not righteous and my worth is found only through Him. Why say we are redeemed and reformed, yet live like we own the world. Being prideful is the opposite of humility. Even Christ humbled himself to come down here and die on a cross. I say: The way of Christ, is the way of Humility. In response to Tookie's pleas for innocence I say, "I am guilty, I need help, I need redemption, I need a Savior"

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Timothy Yeager said...

Since I am still on my media fast, I have not kept up with this issue, but I am impressed that you have been, considering SNL's Weekend Update is your usual source for current news.