Monday, December 12, 2005

God Showed Up!

Jacinda, Nick, and I lead worship in "big church" today. The rest of the band included: Ryan Holck, Daniel Temple, and Rey Alaniz. These guys are amazing to worship with. Everyone's hearts are merely to worship and lead others in doing the same thing. It is often funny because my musical ability is, how should I say this, A LOT LESS advanced than the other musicians, but, "I got a good heart!". I like leading simplistic songs that you can lose yourself in. When you don't have to worry about the notes and the words, you are freed up to just worship God. So, the service went well, despite the always lingering technical glitches. But, most of all, you could feel the Presence of God in the room. I hope and pray that He was pleased. You can watch the service HERE.


Mom said...

It is always a blessing for Dad and me to worship with you and Jacinda, but this was just the best yet!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome site!!! guys were great on Sunday..God was there!!..We pray you and your Family continued to be Blessed this Christmas.Whit comes home this week...Whit..Pam and I all have finals for school this week so pray for us..also Pam and I are "Stepin out" in Faith for a purposeful mission God is leading us to.
Call me and I'll run it down..Rob

Timothy Yeager said...

It was truly awesome, you can see my thoughts on it at You guys were awesome, but it is so much more awesome when God overflowed the service with His presense. Hopefully God will use you both in PC3 again, soon!