Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Vegas Baby! Vegas!

In a couple weeks Jacinda and I will be hitting Las Vegas for the first time ever. We are going with our friends, Carlos and Heather. They are a little more "seasoned" at sin city, but we still need some fresh ideas. So, if you know of any restaurants, shows, clubs, or lucky casinos, let me know!


Daniel said...

Dude I hate Vegas, after the first mega buffet I am ready to split ASAP. But have a good time and feel free to counter my arguments upon your return.

PS- What are you going for?

Timothy Yeager said...

Daniel, not sure if you new this, but Brian has confided in me that he has dreamed of putting his guitar to the side and becoming a dancer. I think he is going for some interviews.

Hale-Yeah! said...

Yeah, I want to be a RuPaul impersonator! Daniel, we are just going for fun. Neither Jacinda or I have ever been and Los and Heather said it would be a fun place to hang out. Gotta experience everything once right? Well, maybe not everything.