Friday, February 17, 2006

A True Story

Okay, this man to the left is Shaun Groves. I have been reading his blog for awhile now. Always witty, delving into thought provoking questions of the faith. But a little over two weeks ago, that all changed. He is a musician who has three albums on a major label. He is a husband, a father, and he is real. He is part of a group called Ikon. In the last week, Shaun has gotten really honest with his readers. He has battled depression, doubt, and truth. Please...Please go read his story. Click Here. You need to scroll down and start reading on his February 12th entry. This will take you awhile. Maybe even an hour, but trust me, print it out, read it on your break... today. Please.


James said...

I'll try. I've been reading Shlog on and off for a while. Big fan of Grove's latest CD, White Flag. I think it's his best effort by far. Real. Honest. Music.

My Enemy (Off of White Flag)

Used to be the smiter came
Struck my cheek and I cursed his name
Used to be my fist was drawn
My heart was stone and its mercy gone
I was wrong to breath
Any words but these

Peace and mercy
Invade every soul that hurts me, I pray
Peace and mercy
Invade every soul that hurts me
Love my enemy
Love my enemy
Like you loved me

Used to be I rolled the dice
Held the spear and I broke your side
Water, blood and mercy ran
Turning foes to forgiven friends
It would be wrong to give
Any less than this

Heidi said...

Woke up this morning with the same recurring pattern of I will read my Bible(but where do I start), today I will start a new Bible study and see it all the way through(but we just packed up all our books because we're moving), okay then, today I will start an online bible study(but I can't find anything that seems interesting), today I will pray in solitude(but first I'd better pay our bills, then check out myspace, then play my favorite online casino game, now I'm tired from sitting in front of the computer so maybe I'll take a little nap, but now I need to study, wait now I'm hungry...better eat, have to work tonight so need to iron my uniform, ooohhhh I really like this episode of........and on and on) then I end my day with continuous feelings of guilt and spiritual failure....why didn't I read my Bible? why didn't I pray? Why didn't I do anything I say I want to do and instead everything I don't want to do? My lifelong battle. Well here's how today went...hey I'll check out Brian's blog real quick...always good for a laugh...hey this looks interesting...I'll check out this Shaun Groves thing...never expected a blog by some guy I've never even heard of to be my breakthrough "Bible study". God was speaking to me his blog...and I hate cliche statements like that but all I know is that I ended up on my knees battling my own skeleton..not doubt, but fear: a million fears to be exact(I could elaborate on this but my little comment seems to me morphing into a blog, and I don't even DO blogging)I didn't finish this session a brand new person but I did spend the biggest chunck of time with God than I have in quite some thanks. Maybe tomorrows pattern will include a little more God and a little less me which surprisingly feels quite rewarding.