Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guy Night

So, Last night I was going to reconfigure my whole Home Theater set-up when I got a call from Dave Lebda. Amanda, his wife, is chilling with my wife down in the inland empire, so Dave called me and we through our steaks on the BBQ. His help was greatly appreciated especially since my new TV weighs like 160 pounds! But, we got it all organized, grabbed our steaks, I made some pasta thing from a box, and drank my other favorite, Wild Cherry Pepsi. It was nice to just chill, talk, eat some good meat, and watch the Olympics. This was my first time this year to actually watch them. So the girl above, Lindsey Kildow wiped out so freaking hard the day before that she was airlifted to the hospital. It had something to do with her pelvic area, but she fell so hard that her ski suit actually ripped on impact. She competed last night, and that is the victory in my book. Check out this statement: "Not racing wasn't an option. I was gonna go through everything I could today to start and I really wasn't thinking about not racing at all. I just learned that your body can go through a lot. And that you can push yourself as far as you want to push it." My first thought: Where is that kind of devotion in my life. Where is that passion that pushes me. I pray to God all the time for that kind of zeal for my faith. Last night I was so pumped up that I couldn't fall asleep. I normally go to bed before 10pm because I get up at 5am to go to work. The Stock Market opens at 6:30 here on the west coast. But, last night, even though I knew I had to wake up early, I was just driven to organize, clean, work, anything I could do productive at that time of night. I ended up not hitting the pillow until 1:30am. I just pray that God gives me that kind of spiritual vigor. Do you ever just want something so bad that you don't even know what to say or do? It's like my mind get's stalled. Anyway, I put the picture below because I don't know how this actually became an Olympic event and it's hilarious to watch. It's called curling and it is like ice-shuffleboard. I know that it takes finnesse but, it doesn't seem very athletic. I would say that cheerleading would be closer to a sport than this! Yeah, you heard me, bring on the comments girls!

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James said...

I watched some Olympics last night as well. Looks like we got a bronze in skiing. I enjoyed watching Anton's intensity in the speed skating relay. He's from WA state and has had a disappointing Olymics thusfar. Hopefully we'll get the gold this weekend in the relay finals.

I hear you on some of the laughable events. At least we get to watch snowboarding now!