Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Posting on the Road

I am posting this from the lobby of our hotel in San Jose. Four guys: Trevor Jones, Nick Chandler, Derrick Bryant, and I are all hitting the Coldplay concert tonight. Last night, after we checked in we hit a bar called Tres Gringos. As most of you know, I don't drink a lick of alcohol, not because I am some spiritual superpower, but because, I've tried it...and it's nasty! But, that didn't stop me from giving the other guys a bad time. "dude, I think that is maybe the second time i've ever had to show my ID to get into a place." "ahh man, I feel like we are corrupting you." Yeah, they don't know my other friends. Anyway, they had great dollar tacos which became my dinner for the night. After seeing one of the single guys hit on a girl with her boyfriend right there, we decided to go back to the hotel. After about 5 minutes back at the hotel, we got our first noise complaint. The father in me was freaking out. "oh man, this is going on my permanent record!" But hey, we're young. I thought I was young...about 1am was all i could handle. And I was fighting to stay awake that long. The other guys didn't hit the pillow until after 3. So here we are, 11:30, eating breakfast. Normally, I would be getting ready to go to lunch. Well, today should be awesome: downtown San Jose, buying food for only one person (i can get that steak i've been wanting), and Coldplay tonight. Their songs have been blarin' on our radio, on my iPod, and being sung in our heads already. "Where do we go, nobody knows Don't ever say you're on your way down, when.. God gave you style and gave you grace And put a smile upon your face"

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los said...

I'm freaking jealous