Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coldplay Pics

Coldplay was awesome! I can barely explain how cool it was. I don't think I'll ever go to a better concert. The whole show was honest, raw, and just enjoyable to watch. I told my buddy, carlos, http://los.typepad.com, that it was practically a spiritual experience. The way that their music just ebbed and flowed throughout the night created an atmosphere of worship. I did an entire concert review on Los' Podcast which you can find by going to www.ragamuffinsoul.com. (a must for all you worship leaders out there!) Even though Coldplay doesn't promote God in their lyrics, their music speaks to the soul. Christ Martin...I mean, Chris Martin (freudian slip) didn't seem rehearsed with his words and won over the crowd from the first word in his british accent. Everything from the rocking, "Politik:, to the mellow, "Fix You", was amazing to watch and sing-a-long to. I can't remember a concert that I've been to that the crowd was so sold out. I saw on their website that they are coming back through California in the summer, so I would definitely check them out!

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Timothy Yeager said...

thats awesome, I am glad you had a great time.