Monday, June 12, 2006

taking it all in

I try to cherish the little things. sometimes life gets so out of control that by the end of the day, you just can't wait to go to bed. but i think it is important for our spiritual and mental health to just soak in the good things in life. since i work with investments, i try to get to work by 6:30 which is when the stock market opens on the east coast. i hate getting up this early and it still isn't natural to me, but nothing beats driving with the windows down and the cool air waking you up, all while the sun is peaking over the sierra-nevada mountains. sometimes i get to work even earlier and can watch the sunrise out of our 4th floor windows. so, i try to let those moments effect me, to change me, to start my day off right. I understand that i'm an emotional guy. i always tell people that i cry at commercials if they're done right. sometimes life just gets going and stuff happens and after awhile you don't want to care anymore. i don't want to reach out. i don't want to worry about other people all the time. i don't want to feel like i need to be involved, but then God gives me a sunrise or a song, or a child's "i love you daddy", or my wife grab's my hand in the car...i break. i think it's important. i read this quote today: "not to be accessible to the greatness of the Holy, is always the mark of a certain mediocrity of soul." we need those moments where, as my buddy always says, God just "filets" open our heart and rips it to shreds. we need to have a broken and contrite heart like in Psalm 51. So, I pray that God shows us each how to respond to those that we don't know how to care for and that He will show Himself in the little things or as David Crowder says, "finding God in everything from Sunsets to Sushi"


Anonymous said...

So true! This is a great post!

Anonymous said...

your sensitivity is one of the things I love about you most. I know when life's drama surrounds you it can seem easier to try to separate yopurself from it ALL. God's reminders are so amazing... He is so amazing!
I am so in love with you!!!!!!
Love, Jacinda