Wednesday, June 07, 2006

some pictures that i promised

This weekend created many great memories for me. just hanging out on the boat friday night and cruising the harbor was really great. i got a chance to connect with my friends and made some new ones. it was so relaxing and was just one of those moments that you are thankful for. So here is what we were experiencing. dolphins. hundreds and hundreds. just imagine the same amount of dolphins, but spread out over hundreds of yards. it was like God put out a net and when he pulled it up, all the dolphins in the ocean were right there in our little circle. amazing. happy birthday to heather! you can see the expression on jacinda's face that she is completely freaking out. that's a total jacinda look when she is really excited. love you babe. and, last but not least, i couldn't leave you hanging without a picture of how my trip really looked. i'm just glad that i didn't eat more than a denver omelet!


Dustin said...

Thanks for the comment man, I appreciate people looking out for me! We actually have video's up on sermon spice under the name 5 forty 2 productions. You should check out the one I am in called 'Milk Man' ... (disclaimer: I am not an actor, I am much more comfortable behind the lens) Anyway, what I am interested in is the guy who is making Kyle's Film. I left a comment on his blog in an attempt to get in contact with him but got no reply. Do you know him personally? If so could you hook that up? Thanks bro, and awesome sailing pictures!


teejaysole said...

dude, is that you puking? man that sucks... bro it's kinda trippy but I get bummed out when I see yours and jacinda's picture cuz I know we cant hang out. when did you say you were moving to Riverside?