Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Zoo

Jacinda and the MOMS group at church took all the kids to the zoo this week. I hate missing stuff like this. Kiara was so excited, it was all she could talk about for weeks before. She got to feed a giraffe, pet a sheep and goat, see elephants taking a bath, and monkeys swinging in the trees. believe me, when she says it, it'll melt your heart. i asked her the other day, "kiara, who's your best buddy?" she replied, "etan". Ladies and Gentleman, meet Ethan, my future son-in-law. His parents, who are our good friends, Joe and Mamie, and us arranged the marriage almost from birth. These two are so cute together. We make them hug and kiss while we take pictures, they play together, and they are just good little buddies. Hopefully, they will grow up together and get married. I mean, how cool would it be if you could be good friends with the parents of your kid's spouse? So, Ethan, I bless the relationship, but keep looking over your shoulder boy, cuz I've got my eye on you!

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Jules said...

I love the zoo too.
Ethan looks like a nice boy. Does he have to pay for her in sheep and goats?