Thursday, June 22, 2006

Getting Excited

i know i haven't posted in awhile. i've just been enjoying reading everyone else's blogs. i have been super busy at work this week, working on a couple of big deals. i will warn you that depending on the situation, i might not be posting next week. i will be going to the purpose driven worship conference and will be staying with los and his crew in someone's house. i am really hoping for it to now only be an educational experience, but just a flat out worship experience. as parents and someone who works too hard, you could probably relate to me not ever having enough time for anything, so i'm looking forward to the 4 days next week where i somewhat get to dictate my own schedule. i will miss my girls, but they will be having fun and i'll be back before they know it. do you ever just get in a slump spiritually? man, i feel like i've been in a funk for the last couple weeks. i feel that i'm getting pulled in every direction, and they're not all bad things. they are things i want to do. like, hang out with my family, work hard, hang out with good friends, go to church, or go to the bathroom. i wish i could do it all, but it's coming to that point where jacinda and i just say "no" to things. last weekend we went to sunday school but not church, but it was father's day. but, yesterday was truly a good day. at lunch, i went home, relaxed on the couch for a bit, then popped United into my CD player for the drive back to work. their energy and the lyrics just lifted me right up, and with the relaxing night i had last night with my family, i'm doing good. i just needed a little worship time. so, hopefully next week will be like going into the cocoon pool.


Whittaker Woman said...

I am excited to see you! I hope you will be refreshed!
ps happy b-day

David H said...

I know you don't have a lot of time, but please, take the time to go to the bathroom.