Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Good Life

Me and all my friends in high school were huge weezer fans. we even had a special handshake. you say dork, i say, heck yeah! but, i never had cable or mtv to see the videos. last weekend for father's day i was looking through my brother's DVD collection and alas, what do i see, but the weezer video collection. i put it on this morning while jacinda was getting ready for her baby shower, kiara and i danced, and then i saw her. it the music video for "the good life" off of their pinkerton album. chloe from 24. i looked all over for a picture of her in the video, but couldn't find it. you'll have to take my word for it. if you can remember, she was a pizza delivery girl and playing her typical pouty and geeky Chloe. I just thought that was hilarious. well, i'm a bachelor today, so i'm going to go eat some greasy mexican food and watch a comic book movie!


Kristiapplesauce said...

Rock on. You just boosted yourself in my "you're cool" club.

James said...

For Deea and I Chloe adds a lot to the magic of 24! She makes me LMAO. (Laugh my arms off)