Thursday, April 20, 2006

Road Trip on a Wednesday!

Yesterday, a wednesday, jacinda and i took a drive with blake and lisa james. blake is our college pastor and we went in search of a campsite in pismo beach. we found it. enter the beach from oceano and take a two mile drive along the beach (on the beach) which is known as sand highway. then, pick your chunk of sand. i can't wait until we take the college group back there in a couple months. it's going to be awesome with sand football, beach, water, skim boarding, dune buggees, worship, just hangin' out, clam chowder, breakfast on the beach... We introduced blake to the splash cafe. best clam chowder. ever. go there, get a bowl of chowder, a toasted loaf and start dippin'. not too many things that beat hangin' at the beach with friends, chowder, and a cool breeze.

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