Tuesday, April 04, 2006

new tradition.

jacinda and i started a new thing, monday night date night. my parents come over to our house, watch kiara, and we go out. so last night jacinda cooked an awesome dinner of grilled chicken with this tomato, olive, and artichoke heart topping with feta cheese and homemade mac & cheese (my favorite) for my parents and us. then we left the kid at home and went out. as you may have noticed in previous posts, when jacinda is pregnant, she really likes desserts. so we hit claim jumper to have dessert and to plan our upcoming anniversary weekend. it was fun to go to a nice restaurant and just have dessert. by the way, we find out today whether it's or boy or girl brewing in the belly of my wife. i'll let you know tomorrow!


terrible speller said...

can't wait to hear

Shea Lieder said...

Dying to hear...can't wait!