Sunday, April 02, 2006

can you walk the line?

jacinda and i finally sat down and watched "walk the line" saturday night. i have to say that i was unaware of cash's life. i know who he was, but i don't have any of his records and i didn't jump on the recent cash bandwagon. it was pretty good, great acting, but i'm not any bigger of a fan now. my favorite line was when the record company guys were saying that the christians didn't want to see him talking and singing to rapists and murders and he said, "well they're not christians then". otherwise, i was actually kind of bored. the whole repeat behavior thing with cash on drugs got pretty old. well, i better go. i'm posting from our pastor's house on his 12" powerbook and we're about to start our leadership meeting. i gotta grab my pizza and grab a seat. i really want to spend some time on my blog, but i haven't been able to dedicate myself to it. hopefully soon, i really haven't been listening to just those 3 cd's for the past 2 months.


tim said...

I think the beautiful thing about the movie, despite all his lies, and all the "whole repeat behavior", he had a friend who stuck it out with him. She was there with her family with guns when the temptation came.

I am sorry for hurting you, and lying to you. I have no excuse for my actions, and you don't owe me anything. I have betrayed all trust with all people. I understand the bed that I have made, and I am trying to come to grips with it, and learning how to lay in it.

Chad and Emma Wilkinson said...

thanks for the tips on my blog
i like it better too

Shea Lieder said...

Brian...I cried and cried in this movie...loved it!!!! I can't believe you were bored.