Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blew a gut

I am in love with "the office". i just watched last weeks episode (i tivo'd it) and i was laughing so hard i was curled up in a ball. the whole premise of an office fight and going to the dojo and duking it out was hilarious. the characters are so good and even though it doesn't seem like much is going on, they just make it so interesting and funny. it's kind of like a newer take on the whole seinfeld thing with a documentary film style. it just makes me laugh. you should watch it. Top 5 shows on TV: 1. 24 2. Scrubs 3. The Office 4. How I Met Your Mother 5. CSI: Miami What are your top 5? don't think, just do it.


Daniel said...

1. 24
2. 24
3. 24
4. 24
5. scrubs

cruz-control said...

I LOVE the office!!!!! It's gotta be one of the best shows on TV. Dwight's a hoot! I also really dig LOST... heck yes!!!!!

terrible speller said...

I love the office too, and my name is Earl. I never really liked sitcoms until they aired.

1. 24 (you're a crazy person if you don't love it!)
2. Prison Break. (so stinkin good)
3. Lost
4. American Idol (pulling for Katherine or Chris)
5. Office & Earl (they tie for 5th place)

Jules said...

2.Nashville Star
3.Seinfeld reruns: I know it doesn't really count as a show, but love it anyway.
4.30 min. meal with Rachel Ray: I have to watch it,or there won't be dinner.
5. Varied shows from time to time.
*I have never seen an episode of 24!